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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bagi korg yg minat games x kire boys Or girls u Should check out this..

SUMMARY:As Isaac, you are separated almost immediately from the rest of your team by the former crew of the Ishimura, which has been transformed into horrifying monsters called Necromorphs. Forced to fight for his survival, Isaac makes do with the tools at hand to defend himself with, which are for the most part repurposed mining instruments like plasma welding guns or buzz saws. These improvised weapons are put to graphic, gruesome work as bodily damage and even severe head trauma isn't enough to kill a Necromorph--only by severing their limbs can you put them down for good. This nuance, referred to as strategic dismemberment, vastly alters the way combat is approached in Dead Space from the typical "aim for the head"-style gameplay seen in most action games and zombie apocalypse scenarios.

My Review:game nie mmg gns n best nie akn wat korg rase berdebar2 dgn die pnyer sound efek lgi..fuhh,x rugi kalu korg men game nie..


nanti aku ade mase aku akn wat review psl game2 len plak